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My name is Andrea, and I am the owner and groomer at Tail Up Pet Grooming.

I took my dog certification course through Pleasant Park Grooming Academy in Maidstone, Ontario. After graduation in 2009, I was asked to stay on as a part time groomer. I joined 3 other vet offices to groom for them (including a cat only vet office), and shortly after opened my own grooming business.

The course covered topics such as; product use, health hazards, sanitation, anatomy, pet health care and first aid, proper equipment use, and maintenance. This course was invaluable and complimented my existing knowledge and natural abilities as a professional pet groomer. I have two dogs of my own, and love the fact that for a living I can do something I enjoy and am good at.

In 2022, I refreshed my cat grooming skills by taking the Feline Master Groomer course at the National Cat Groomers Institute. I then spent 40 hours hands on training one on one with a Feline Master Groomer to strengthen my skills further. 

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